Easy and Quick Ballerina Skirt for Barbie-sized Fashion Dolls

September 6, 2017 by Rachel

Years ago, I bought several packages of 9″ scalloped tulle circles, the kind used to wrap Jordan almonds for wedding favors. I planned to use them for a felting class (tulle is often used during wet felting), but the other day as I was reorganizing them in my storage bins, I started thinking of fluffy ballerina skirts. I also designed the no-sew or easy-sew blouses that the dolls are wearing in these photos, and will add the pattern and tutorial for those garments soon.

I came up with two simple versions, a No-Sew and a very Easy-Sew, for Barbie-sized fashion dolls. The only difference in the two methods is how the tulle circles are attached to the waistband. I came up with the No-Sew version because I realize that sewing can be intimidating (I am a lazy and messy seamstress myself!), but fully admit that I prefer the very Easy-Sew version because it keeps the waistband flexible, which makes it easier to dress and undress the doll repeatedly.

Having said that, I will start with:

The No Sew Ballerina Doll Dress:

You will need:

20 to 25 tulle circles for average Barbie sized doll


Hot glue gun, and an adult if you are young

5/8” Glitter elastic or Printed Fold Over Elastic

To start, cut a waistband from the 5/8″ elastic. Find the right length by wrapping the elastic around your doll’s waist and adding an inch. The elastic should be relaxed while you are measuring, not taut.

Each time you glue a circle of tulle to the waistband, you’ll need to fold it into quarters.

Squeeze out small beads of hot glue as you attach the tips of the folded tulle to the back of the waistband. Too much glue stiffens the elastic waistband when it hardens upon cooling.

Leaving half-an-inch at each end of the elastic, glue a row of folded tulle towards the lower edge of the waistband. Then glue a second row onto the waistband above the first, still reserving half-an-inch on each end of the elastic.

When the glue hardens, fold the waistband so that the front faces itself. Staple half-an-inch in from the elastic ends a few times. The staples will act as a seam.

Turn the waistband inside out, and the ballerina skirt is ready for your doll!


The Easy Sew Ballerina Doll Dress:

You will need:

20 to 25 tulle circles for average Barbie sized doll

5/8” Glitter elastic or Printed Fold Over Elastic

Thin stretch round elastic cord (I used .05mm gold cord)

Tapestry needle with an eye large enough string the cord

Fold the tulle circles into quarters the same way as described above. With each stitch, attach the tip of a folded circle. leaving half-an-inch at each end of the waistband. Because you are stitching and not gluing, you’ll be able to place the tips closer together on the waistband. The tulle will angle out more than the no-sew version, so you’ll only need to sew one row of circles to the waistband.

Sew the ends together half-an-inch from the edges. Tie of the ends of the cord, and turn the waistband inside out.