Rachel Armington


Fairy Paintings

Please also see my fairy illustrations.

Cat and Dog Paintings

See more of my pet paintings at and

Easy Dairy Free Lemon Curd

Lemon curd is a sweet and sour pudding that can be spread between cakes and cookies, or used as an ingredient in other dessert recipes.

Homemade Cookie Cutters

Easy-to-make cookie cutters using items easily found in hardware stores: aluminum strip (or flashing), scissors, and epoxy putty.

Rachel’s Christmas Cards

When my kids were young, I started Christmas cards at the beginning of October. Why that early? Because I was nuts. I was a stay-at-home mom who freelanced, which translated into four or five hours of sleep a night and sleep-deprivation migraines at least once a week. But I loved making cards. My first card […]

The Halifax Explosion

Postcards and photos from before and after the Halifax Explosion

Selected Drawings from Inktober 2017

Selected ink drawings from Inktober 2017.

Selected Drawings from Inktober 2016

A sampling of drawings from the first year I participated in Inktober.

DIY Quick and Easy Wraparound Blouse

How to make three styles of doll blouses with one easy pattern.

Easy and Quick Ballerina Skirt for Barbie-sized Fashion Dolls

Two versions of a very easy to make ballerina skirt for your fashion doll.

Fairy Landing on a Poppy Blossom Illustration

A flower fairy dressed in ruffled clothing lands on a poppy in full bloom.

felty fairy holding a felted pumpkin

Rachel’s Original Felty Fairies

How to make fairy figures out of polymer clay, wire and wool roving. I originally made these to hang outdoors during Halloween, but mostly they live in my china cabinet.

Star Gourd Birdhouse

How to make a star gourd birdhouse with a drill, mini hand saw, and a cured hard gourd.

pink flower fairy

Bleeding Heart Flower Fairy

A dark-haired fairy balances on the stalk of a blooming pink bleeding heart.

Steampunk Mad Hatter Paper Hats

Make steampunk or mad hatter hats from poster board, or adorable mini top hats from scrap-booking paper for your patient pet.

How to Cut a Five Point Paper Star

Cut a five pointed star with a single snip of your scissors, just like Betsy Ross!

vintage doll makeover

Vintage Doll Makeover

This project is for a thrift-store doll find, not an heirloom doll. This doll was headed to the trash bin. If you need to restore a doll of value, find a reputable doll restorer.

Allergy Handout Coloring Page

Print out this free coloring page to help educate younger children learn about their allergic classmates.

How to Make a Felted Hat for Your Favorite Ogre

I never really got the hang for knitting. The only knitting project I ever tackled was a scarf, which in the end became a heptagon-shaped potholder. But I love looking (and feeling) different types of fiber. Look at how beautiful this particular fiber is! It’s made up of silk and wool and alpaca that was […]

Tiny Fairy Amongst Cherry Blossoms

Watch this time lapse watercolor painting of a tiny fairy hiding in a clump of cherry blossoms.

Long-Haired Orange Cat Watercolor

Much to my black cats’ dismay, orange cats remain my favorite painting subject. To make matters worse, I vacuumed all their black fur off of this rug before I started painting…

Painting of Fairies

Fairy Bubbles

Bubbles swirl around three young fairies. One of the fairies has a pin, and she’s not afraid to use it.

Cat on a Purple Bicycle

What color bicycle would your cat want to ride? My orange tabby wanted a purple bike. But when it came time to color the scarf, I put it up for a vote.

Butterfly Fairy Night Light

Make your own butterfly fairy night light to keep you company at night. Or, if you are in a bit of a silly mood, make an American Gothic Chimp night light!

Easter Crafts

Easter Bunny Penny Rug

This project could also be adapted for children by using colored paper to make Easter place mats. But I used an old plaid baby’s blanket to make an Easter Bunny table runner.

Cat in Arched Window Suncatcher

When you trace the design on this print out, you can adapt and color the cat to match you own pet.

Daisy Blue Interviews Rachel Armington

Two Ragdolls, Daisy Blue and Boris Sugarpuffs, won one of my stuffed Count Catula pillows. Read Daisy’s interview of me here!

Kitty Angels Shelter Benefit Auction

Two Lynx Point Siamese cats, Rufus and Earlene, were lucky enough to move out of a feral cat colony and into a loving home. Visit this post to see my paintings of them!

Paint a Tabby Cat

In this post I have create a downloadable, printable PDF that you can color. You can follow along with me as I paint the drawing on one of my YouTube video tutorials.