Homemade Cookie Cutters

Easy-to-make cookie cutters using items easily found in hardware stores: aluminum strip (or flashing), scissors, and epoxy putty.

DIY Quick and Easy Wraparound Blouse

How to make three styles of doll blouses with one easy pattern.

Steampunk Mad Hatter Paper Hats

Make steampunk or mad hatter hats from poster board, or adorable mini top hats from scrap-booking paper for your patient pet.

Long-Haired Orange Cat Watercolor

Much to my black cats’ dismay, orange cats remain my favorite painting subject. To make matters worse, I vacuumed all their black fur off of this rug before I started painting…

Butterfly Fairy Night Light

Make your own butterfly fairy night light to keep you company at night. Or, if you are in a bit of a silly mood, make an American Gothic Chimp night light!

Easter Crafts

Easter Bunny Penny Rug

This project could also be adapted for children by using colored paper to make Easter place mats. But I used an old plaid baby’s blanket to make an Easter Bunny table runner.

Paint a Tabby Cat

In this post I have create a downloadable, printable PDF that you can color. You can follow along with me as I paint the drawing on one of my YouTube video tutorials.