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Paint a Tabby Cat

March 16, 2017 by Rachel

Winter is cold and seemingly endless here in New England. When we first moved into our house, decades ago, we only had 6 inches of sand and rocks for a yard. Within a few months that sand was several feet under snow, and I turned to the seed and nursery catalogues that started arriving in our mailbox. Just planning what I would plant in the yard made those last winter months easier to deal with. Our yard looks less like a moonscape these days, but I still love finding those catalogues in our mailbox.

Painting this orange tabby sunning herself next to the potted plants was another way I helped myself get through this winter. It may be sleeting and snowing outside, but as I painted I could almost feel the warmth radiating up from those sun-warmed bricks. Here is my drawing of a cat peeking out from behind the potted plants that you can print out for your personal use only. Click here to download and print out PDF of this sketch of a Cat Behind Potted Plants. If you’d like to paint along, watch my video on YouTube.

Tabby Cat Black and White Sketch Tabby Cat Peeking from Behind Potted Plants by Rachel Armington

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