How to Cut a Five Point Paper Star

June 5, 2017 by Rachel

Betsy Ross ran her own upholstery business, sewing blankets and tents for the Continental Army, as well as packaging musket balls and gunpowder in paper cartridges. How much she contributed to the design of the American flag isn’t known for certain, but it’s generally agreed that she changed the six point stars in the original sketch to five point stars. Not only are five point stars more visible from a distance than six point stars, they are also much easier to sew!

If you want to make smaller or fancier stars, watch the video linked above.







To make a five point star template, fold a sheet of paper in half. Some sources specify that the paper should measure 8″ x  10″, but 8.5″ x 11″ works just as well. Smooth the fold.










Fold the paper again, then unfold the second fold only (the sheet should still be folded in half).










Bring the top right corner of the folded edge down to the line of the second fold.












Fold the left corner down over the previous fold.

Five point paper star

Then fold again.

Cut through the folded paper at a steep angle.

The angle you cut at determines how thin or wide the star’s points are.